The Children’s Family Trust

An NC for Disables initiative, the Children’s Family Trust is devoted to supporting disabled children and their families with services and support. Our objective is to provide families with the resources they need to ensure their child’s well-being and to assist them in overcoming the difficulties of raising a child with a disability.

Our strategy is based on a model that places the needs and strengths of each family first. Individual plans that address the needs of the child and the family as a whole are developed in close collaboration with parents, siblings, and other family caregivers.

Services we offer include:

Promotion and backing: Families benefit from our advocacy and assistance with navigating the educational, social, and healthcare systems.

Schooling and preparing: Among the many topics we cover in our workshops and training are communication techniques for parents, disability awareness, and parenting skills.

Therapies and counseling: We give directing and treatment administrations to kids and families, assisting them with adapting to the close-to-home and mental difficulties of residing with an inability.

Care for a break: We provide families with respite care services, allowing them to unwind from their caregiving responsibilities and concentrate on their own needs.

Diversion and socialization: We provide children and their families with opportunities to interact with others and take part in community activities by organizing recreational and social events.


Children are the foundation of a family, and trust is the cornerstone that upholds it

We at The Children’s Family Trust are committed to providing the assistance and services necessary to ensure that every child with a disability has the chance to fulfill their full potential. Our committed group of experts is here to help families constantly, and we are glad to be a confided-in asset for families locally.

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